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Museum studies page 2The Museum Studies program is a part of the University Museum, a department in the College of Liberal Arts.  The University Museum, one of the oldest continuing museums in the state of Illinois, opened in 1874. The Museum staff has offered an academic minor in Museum Studies since the 1970s.  The Museum staff teaches the Museum Studies minor classes and offers real, hands-on experience in the running of the nationally accredited University Museum. 

As with most minors, one will need to take 18 hours of classes.  From this list of Core Courses provided below, one needs to take at least 12 hours plus an additional six hours in courses approved by the museum director. You do not need to declare a minor in Museum Studies to enroll in these courses.

AD 447 (3 credit hours) Introduction to Museology - taught by Susannah Munson, Curator of Anthropology, usually offered in the Fall.

HIST 497 (3) Historical Museums, Sites, Restoration, Archives - taught by Dr. Dona Bachman, University Museum Director, usually offered in the Fall.

POLS. 446 (3) Museum Administration - taught by Dr. Bachman, University Museum Director, usually offered in the Spring.

ANTH 450 A (3) Museum Studies-Learning in Museums - taught by Bob DeHoet, Museum Education Director, usually offered in the Spring.

ANTH 450 B (3) Museum Studies-Methodology & Display - taught by Nate Steinbrink, Curator of Exhibits, usually offered in the Fall.



We also offer two culminating courses through Political Science: POLS 448 University Museum Colloquium (team taught by Museum staff) and POLS 559 Museum Collection Management taught by staff. The Museum staff supervises many, many independent study courses as well as internships.  We try to offer as much flexibility as we can so that your work will reflect and enhance your major. We do our best to offer independent studies courses to students.
The Masters of Public Administration degree with a Museum Emphasis is administered by the Department of Political Science.  The Museum staff chairs and serves on committees for MPA student’s thesis papers.  For additional information on the graduate degree, please contact the Director of the public administration program, (618) 453-5744 or

The Museum Student Group (MSG) is an active Registered Student Organization (RSO) and provides a number of activities. 

For additional information, please contact Dr. Dona Bachman, Director, University Museum and Museum Studies Program: 618.453.5388 or

Other related courses: ANTH 442 (1-12 credit hours), taught by Dr. Heather Lapham, Curator, Center for Archaeological Investigations.

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