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The University Museum occupies the first floor of the north wing of Faner Hall. This multipurpose building, in addition to the Museum, houses primarily the College of Liberal Arts. Completed in 1974, Faner Hall is an award winning design in the "brutalism" architectural style popular in the mid to late 20th Century. The University Museum has 10,000 square feet of exhibition space in two halls, North and South.

You are invited to take this online tour of the facilities. We hope that you will then visit the University Museum to enjoy the full effect of what is offered.



The Museum Auditorium offers a space of a different kind. The 88-seat auditorium is used to present the many Museum programs, lectures and Museum Studies classes. It may also be rented by other University Departments and local community groups. The Auditorium is available weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. at $15 per hour. The audio visual capabilities of the console include an LCD projector with a connection to a document camera, PC computer, and VCR player. A laptop or iPod may also be connected to this arrangement for presentations.

Continuum gallery

An exhibit space for collaborative Museum projects.

North Hall, Mitchell Gallery

The Museum is divided into two major areas on either side of a central lobby, the North Hall and South Hall galleries. The North Hall includes the Mitchell Gallery, a 2,500 square foot premiere gallery space overlooking the Museum's Sculpture Garden and home to many of the Museum's exciting art exhibits.


It was made during the Great Depression by Tlingit Indians working for the WPA program in Alaska. Connecting the Mitchell Gallery to the central lobby is the 120-foot long, two-story Atrium Gallery. This dramatic space frequently displays sculptures from the Museum's excellent collection of 20th Century sculpture as well as changing exhibits by visiting artists. At the North End of the Atrium the Museum has installed its Sun and Raven Story Totem Pole.

South Hall

The South Hall is comprised of several galleries with movable, temporary partitions to allow for maximum flexibility in presenting the many changing exhibits on the Museum's busy schedule.

South Hall, International Gallery

The International Gallery was designed to showcase objects from the Museum's outstanding world cultures' collection. These ethnographic displays usually change twice a year.

South Hall, study gallery

South One and South Two are changing exhibits galleries. A wide variety of exhibits are featured year-round.

South Hall, South One and Two Galleries

South One and South Two are changing exhibits galleries. A wide variety of exhibits are featured year-round.

South Hall, Hall of Art

The Hall of Art features changing exhibits featuring the University Museum's permanent collection of art. The exhibits usually change twice a year. Due to copyright issues, a visual image cannot be shown of this gallery at this time.

sculpture garden

The University Museum boasts a beautiful outdoor sculpture garden on the west side of the very northern end of Faner Hall, just outside the Mitchell Gallery. Artists represented in the garden include Aldon Addington, Richard Hunt, Dan Johnson, and Ernest Trova