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Bob with studentThe University Museum sadly notes the death of Bob DeHoet, our Education Program Director, on December 18. Bob joined the Museum in 1991 as an education assistant. He became the director of the education program in 2006.

In 2010, Bob received the Public & Community Service Award "for dedicated service to the arts in Illinois schools" from the Illinois Alliance for Arts Education. All who had the privilege of working with him will miss Bob.

Paper Cuts Close Out Spring Semester

Polly Winkler-Mitchell, Paper Cut

Paper Cut by Polly Winkler-Mitchell

The University Museum is currently featuring two new exhibits of paper cutting.  The first is contemporary German paper cutting, called Scherenschnitte, as practiced by Carbondale artist Polly Winkler-Mitchell.  She has been practicing paper cutting for over 30 years.  Although her paper cuts presents many designs, the Museum is only showcasing her groups of alphabet cuts outs.  One additional artwork by Winkler-Mitchell is a collage of paper cuttings entitled “Grandmother Winkler’s Auction.” 

Winkler-Mitchell comments on this major work, saying, it is “a style of joyful cutting which I do often.”

Accompanying Winkler-Mitchell’s paper cuts are a selection of 20th Century Chinese paper cuts featuring horses and other animals as well as children.  These paper cuts, called Jianzhi in Chinese. Made in Yangchow, China the paper cuts were a gift to the Museum from Percy Chen. 

Also on display is an Andy Warhol screenprint belonging to the Museum, which depicts the Danish fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875).  When Andersen read his stories to children, he would often do paper cutting at the same time.  In two-dimensional form, Warhol depicts Andersen, as a folded cut-out complete with two children at his feet. Andy Warhol and Hans Christian Andersen Cut Out

Andy Warhol, Hans Christian Andersen, 1987,
© The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

Paper cutting has a long history of development.  Silhouettes are a part of this tradition, as is stenciling, and some even connect paper cuts to today’s graffiti art.  The exhibit will be up through May 6.

29th Arts Education Festival Set 

This annual event takes place April 15 & 16, 2015.  Some 2,000 school children from across Southern Illinois will come to SIU for a full day’s immersion into the arts.  Campus departments, community members and Museum Studies students share their skills with the students.  For information, contact Festival Coordinator Kyle Clymore: or (618) 453-5388.